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Investigative Journalism


Accuracy in Media  AIM. Conservative media watchdog.
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.
Center for Public Integrity  "Non-partisan ... public service journalism." Liberal.  Pending legislation, Congressional voting records, committee reports.
Consumer Freedom  Exposes the dark side of PETA, Greenpeace, etc. Conservative.
Cryptome  Top secret govt material -- true-life Lone Gunmen.

Editor & Publisher  News about newspapers.
Fair & Accuracy in Reporting  FAIR. Liberal media watchdog.

Federation of State Medical Boards  Medical license records, links to state boards.

Financial Scandals  Banking, securities, drugs, money laundering, organized crime.

Freedom Forum .First Amendment, journalists killed in action, newsroom diversity.
Internet Archive  "Wayback Machine" archives old internet pages.

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.
Journalism Jobs  "In partnership with Columbia Journalism Review."

Judicial Watch  Government watchdog. Conservative.

Junk Science  Exposes faulty science reporting.

Melissa Data  Find an address; learn neighborhood stats.
Military Corruption
National Archives & Records Administration  Military service records.

National Journalism Center  Scholarships, job bank. Conservative.
National Writers Union  Helps freelance reporters obtain press passes.
Need to Know

Offshore Leaks Database  Who’s behind offshore companies, foundations and trusts.
Online Journalism Review  News for web journalists. USC Annenberg.
Open Secrets .Follow the money given to political campaigns.

Overlawyered..Legal abuses.

Political Graveyard  U.S. politico bios. Nearly 120,000 politicians, judges, diplomats.

Project on Government Oversight  Whistleblowers.

ProPublica  Journalism in the public interest.
Reporters Without Borders  Monitoring press freedom worldwide.
Securitate..Espionage & intelligence links and news log.

Society of Professional Journalists  "Improving & Protecting Journalism."

Smoking Gun, The  Documents, photos, paper trails from various sources.

World Journalism Institute  Journalism training & internships. Christian.


Film & TV Industry


Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences  The Oscars.
Act One  Training Christian screenwriters.

Backstage  Actors trade paper.
Big Cartoon Database  "Cartoons, Episode Guides, and Crew Lists."
Brian's Drive-In Theater  B movie resource. Info & images.

Box Office Mojo  Tracking the box office.

Christian Cinema  Christian video distributor, this links to their 'news desk'.

Cineaste..The art & politics of cinema. Since 1967.

Decent Films  Film reviews from a Christian perspective.

Done Deal  Recent script sales. Who sold what to whom, for how much.
Episode Guides  "To more than 2500 TV shows."

Film Comment  From the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Filmmaker Magazine  "The Magazine of Independent.Film."
Gold Derby  Awards news & handicapping: Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, DGA, NY Film Critics, more.

Golden Globe Award  Sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Gotham Award  Formerly the Independent Filmmaker Project.
Hollywood Reporter  Trade paper.
Hollywood Scriptwriter  News and resource for scriptwriting.
Internet Broadway Database  Broadway credits, show runs, theaters.

Internet Movie Database  Leading online source for film credits.

KFTV  Online directory of film & TV production services.

Moviemaker Magazine  "The Art and Business of Making Movies."

Numbers, The  "Box Office Data, Movie Stars, Idle Speculation."

SAG-AFTRA  Film & TV actors union.
Screenwriters Utopia  Screenwriters news & resource.

Script Magazine  Screenwriting news & resource.

Simply Scripts  Seeking a screenplay, teleplay, or stage play online?

Student Filmmakers  "Online Community for Film and Video Making."

Television Week  Broadcast & cable trade publication.
Variety  Trade paper.

Who Represents  Which manager, agent, attorney represents what actor, writer, singer, director?
Women in Film  Promoting women in the industry. Presents Crystal and Lucy awards.
Writers Guild of America, West  Scriptwriters union.

Writers Store, The  Screenwriting software, books, supplies, news & contest info.


Music Culture & Tech Issues


All Music Guide  Stats on singers, bands, labels, recordings, chart positions; all music genres.
Billboard..Music trade paper.

Center for Democracy & Technology  Fighting Big Media and Big Brother.

C-Net  Tech news.
Electronic Frontier Foundation  Fighting RIAA, MPAA, and other tech censors.
Musicians Contact  Employment networking for musicians. Online jobs and resumes.
PollStar  Track the concert schedule of our favorite artist.
Register, The  IT news with a hacker attitude. British.

Wired..Net news & culture. Ancient in net terms, and they survived the dotcom implosion.

Worldwide Music Network  "Hard-to-find & professionally restored recordings."




Big Headed Pygmies  How your favorite celeb?
Celeb Dirty Laundry
Celebrity Mugshots
Dead or Alive  Is a your favorite celeb dead ... or alive?

E! Online
Entertainment Weekly  The magazine.

Find a Grave  Locate celeb graves.

Hello  British celeb zine. Patsy (of Absolutely Fabulous) dreamed of being its cover girl.
Page Six  New York Post's celeb feature.

National Enquirer  U.S. tabloid.
Rolling Stone  The magazine, not the band.

Seeing Stars in Hollywood  A guide to celebrities and Hollywood.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon  Calculate the links between any two celebs.

Song of the South  Disney banned its own film. Find out why.

Star..U.S. tabloid turned "magazine."
TMZ  Yet more celebrity gossip.

TV Guide  TV news.


Hollywood Politics


Activist Celebrities  Celebs and their political causes.
Big Hollywood  Breitbart's Hollywood site.
Hollywood in Toto  The right take on entertainment.
Scientology Celebs  Anti-Scientology website, lists celebs who've joined Scientology.


City of Angels & the Golden State


Art Deco Society of California  L.A. is a top art deco milieu (along with NY and Miami).
Beneath Los Angeles  Graves of the Famous, the Infamous, and the Just Plain Dead.

California License Verification  California Dept of Consumer Affairs.

California Newspaper Publishers Association
Karl Hess Club  L.A.'s premier libertarian supper club.

L.A. Weekly  L.A.'s largest left-alternative paper.
Los Angeles Police Dept  LAPD press releases.
Megan's Law  Locate convicted sex offenders in California.

Official California Legislative Information  Track legislation through the state legislature.
Red Light Cameras  YOUR rights when falling prey to one of California's pesky traffic cameras.

Transparent California  Public employee compensation exposed.


Alternative News & Opinion


Adbusters  Creative resistance to corporate control & propaganda. Progressive.
AlterNet  Independent Media Institute. Progressive.

American Conservative, The  Antiwar paleoconservatives.
Anti-War..What it sounds like. Center for Libertarian Studies.
Chronicles  Paleoconservative. Antiwar, anti-immigration.
Clamor  "Politics, Culture, Media and Life." Progressive.

Color Lines  Progressive activism for people of color.

Competitive Enterprise Institute  Libertarian.
Counter Punch  Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair. Progressive.

Drug Policy Alliance  Working to end the war on drugs.

Enter Stage Right  Conservative opinion pieces. Actor Michael Moriarty wrote for them.

Equal Justice Foundation  Fighting for equal rights in domestic relations law.

Ether Zone  Conservative news & opinion.

First Things  Traditional Catholic opinion journal.

Frontpage Magazine  Anti-PC, neoconservative. David Horowitz.
Glenn Sacks  Men's rights columnist.

iFeminist  Libertarian feminists. Neither cookie-bakers nor bra-burners.

In These Times  Progressive opinion journal.

Independent Media Center  Claims to be "radical." Originated with Seattle WTO protests.

Intellectual Conservative  Claims to be both conservative and libertarian.
Iraq Body Count  War's toll on the Iraqi population.

Lew Rockwell  Anti-war, anti-state, pro-market. Libertarian.

Libertarian Peacenik  What it sounds like.
Liberty..Leading libertarian opinion journal.

Nation, The  Progressive.
New American, The  John Birch Society. (Yes, they still exist.)

Progressive, The  "Since 1909."

Rational Review  Libertarian opinion journal.

Raw Story, The  Alternative, left-leaning.
Suppressed News  "We Publish What Others Suppress." (They link what others publish.)  Conservative.
Village Voice  New York's leading left-alternative paper.
V Dare  Paleoconservative. Peter Brimelow.

World Net Daily  Mainly conservative, occasionally libertarian. Joseph Farah.

World Watch Monitor  Following the persecution of Christians worldwide.
Zero Hedge  Edgy, anti-establishment.




Anorak  Online tabloid.
BBC News  The Beeb.

Guardian..Pretty good cultural coverage.

Independent, The  Reputed to be center-left.

Mirror..British tabloid.

Scotsman, The  "Scotland's National Newspaper Online."

Spectator, The  Opinion journal. Established 1828.

Spiked. Alternate news. Wired describes them as left-libertarian.

Sun  British tabloid.

Telegraph, The  Reputed to be conservative.




Aljazeera  Leading Arab TV news network. English language.
Arab News  "Saudi Arabia's first English language daily."

Americans for Middle East Understanding  Arab sympathies.

B'tselem..Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.
Campus Watch  "Monitoring Middle East Studies on Campus." Israeli sympathies.

Haaretz  From Israel.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions  Protesting removal of Palestinian houses.

Jerusalem Post  Published in Israel.
Jewish Voice for Peace  Jewish peaceniks in America.

Letter from Israel  Peacenik professor from Tel Aviv University, Ran Ha.Cohen.

Memri..Documenting anti-semitism in the arab language press.

Mid-East Realities  Palestinian, Arab sympathies.

MondoWeiss  A Jewish writer with Palestinian sympathies.
Palestine Monitor  "The Voice of Civil Society."

USS Liberty  Israel's 1967 attack on a US spy ship remains controversial.


Foreign Press


Afghan Daily  From Afghanistan.
All Africa  Offices throughout Africa and the West.
Budapest Times  From Hungary.
Globalist, The  "How the world really hangs together."
Japan Times  Since 1897.

Local, The  From Sweden.
People's Daily  Official Chinese Communist Party paper.

Philippine Daily Inquirer  "Balanced News, Fearless Views."

Prague Post  From the Czech Republic.

Pravda..Russian. Former Soviet Communist Party paper.

Scoop..International news from the New Zealand Press Association.

Straits Times  From Singapore. "Pacific Area Newspaper of the Year."

Sun-Herald  From Sydney, Australia.


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