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by Hank Willow, staff reporter   [November 19, 2001]





[]  Director David Lynch -- whose bizarro film and TV creations include Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me, and the newly-released Mulholland Drive, admires Republican Ronald Reagan -- yet supported presidential hopeful John Hagelin in the 2000 election -- whose Natural Law Party advocates transcendental meditation!

Even more amazingly, Lynch insists he is not a political person!

Those are the shocking findings found by a crack team of Hollywood Investigator investigative reporters!

David Lynch's admiration for former President Reagan has long been a matter of public record -- recorded in a special Wild at Heart cover story in National Review magazine!

More recently, in an LA Weekly interview with Lynch, interviewer John Powers explains: "While Lynch doesn't seem like the sort of man who's packing heat, he was drawn to Ronald Reagan because of his 'cowboy image' and laments that L.A.'s wonderland of individual freedom is being hedged in by rules and regulations.  He takes building-code restrictions personally." Lynch fumes: "People should be able to build what they want to build, when they want to build it, how they want to build it."

Says Powers of Lynch: "For all his dark, perverse imaginings, his social values are rooted in the sunlit credo of the American West: Don't tread on me.  Nothing matters to him more than his freedom to do whatever he thinks up.  I first saw this side of him one afternoon in 1989 when he began railing about the city government:  It wouldn't let him put razor wire around his property to keep itinerants from cutting across his property."

Powers quotes Lynch as saying: "[T]his country's in pretty bad shape when human scum can walk across your lawn, and they put you in jail if you shoot 'em."

Amazingly, despite Lynch's admiration for Republican Ronald Reagan -- and starkly libertarian pronouncements -- Lynch backed Natural Law Party presidential candidate John Hagelin in the 2000 election!

And Lynch put his talent where his mouth is! -- by directing a promotional video for the Natural Law guru/candidate! (The video to the right is not that video.)

The Natural Law Party advocates transcendental meditation as a solution to world problems -- a worldview eerily similar to Twin Peaks's FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper -- a character often interpreted as Lynch's alter ego!

Even more shockingly, during an interview with Mark Cousins for BBC 2 Scotland, David Lynch insisted: "I'm not a political person."

Lynch reportedly had dinner at the Reagan White House, yet Lynch says: "I don't understand politics.  I don't understand the concept of two sides.  And I think that probably there's good on both sides, bad on both sides, and there's a middle ground.  But it never seems to come to the middle ground.  And it's very frustrating watching it, and seemingly we're not moving forward."

Despite his bizarro film and TV creations, Lynch also directed the heart-warming Straight Story -- a film that Cousins interprets as saying "the sort of thing that Ronald Reagan would say."

Lynch replied: "I have no idea what Ronald Reagan would say."


Investigator Fun Fact!

David Lynch spent two years developing a website for what he calls the "beautiful world" of the Internet:  Says Lynch to the LA Weekly: "There was a period when I could get lost in this world for weeks at a time."

Hank Willow is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates Hollywood scams and Tinseltown's occult underbelly.  Read about his adventures in tabloid journalism in Hollywood Witches.

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