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by Mimi Brickmeyer.  [October  8, 2001]



[]  In the cruelly sadistic world of showbiz -- notorious for its shockingly high divorce rate! -- Doug Momary and Emily Peden, the much- beloved actors behind the much-adored faces of "Doug" and "Emmy Jo" on TVs New Zoo Revue -- and who in real-life tied the knot just as their much-praised show began its much-watched production from 1972-77! -- are still happily married after 30 years of wedded bliss!

That's the shocking discovery discovered by a crack team of Hollywood Investigator investigative researchers researching the internet!

Baby boomers and others who were children during the 1970s still fondly recall the warmly-zany antics of such beloved TV characters as "Henrietta Hippo," "Charlie the Owl," and the much-beloved "Freddie the Frog."

These unforgettable TV friends taught a generation of tots to understand such values as understanding, friendship, sharing, and caring.

They taught their universal life lessons both through their own hilarious hijinks -- and through song and dance! -- performed with the support of their warm and supportive human friends, "Doug" and "Emmy Jo."

Doug Momary, co-creator and creative force behind New Zoo Revue, played the warmly- understanding "Doug." Momary tied the knot with the Texas-born Emily Peden just as their much- beloved show -- which retains its much-influential cult status after 30 years! -- began production.

The Momarys seemingly disappeared after New Zoo Revue's coldly cruel cancellation in 1977. Yet after a painstaking investigation, the Hollywood Investigator has learned that the Momarys are still happily married!

Together, this warmly-loving real-life couple are owner-operators of the Las Vegas-based Laguna Productions, a producer of commercials, PSAs, and industrials.

Amazingly, Laguna Productions credits the warmly-multi-talented Doug Momary as its Founder, Owner, President, and Creative Director!

Even more startling! -- Emily Peden has blossomed into a brainiac math wiz! The former songtress and hoofer, who sang and hoofed with hubby Momary throughout New Zoo Revue's five-year production, now crunches numbers as Laguna's VP of Finance!

But that's no surprise to generations of adoring moppets!

The beauty-with-the-brains Peden was sweetheart to millions of heartbreak tots who fell head-over-heels in puppy love with the warmly-endearing "Emmy Jo" and her warm smile, caring family- friendly songs, tight mini-skirts, and knockout go-go boots.

And as Laguna's website reveals, Peden is still a warmly-knockout gal!

As befits the warmly-family-oriented Momarys, their Laguna Productions remains a warmly-family-oriented company! Laguna's web designer is Robert Momary -- "Doug" and "Emmy Jo's" warmly-loving son! -- and hubby to his warmly-talented songtress wife -- with whom Robert has released the doubtlessly warm album: Kaufman County.

The warmly-family-values-oriented Momary showbiz dynasty remains committed to warm family-friendly TV moppet fare. Apart from their cold corporate projects, they are currently developing a new PBS show for tots: The New Crusaders.


Investigator Fun Fact:

New Zoo's warmly-zany toothless eldster postman "Mr. Dingle" was played by the youthfully toothy Chuck Woolery.  Woolery went on to host TV's steamy red-hot Love Connection.

Mimi Brickmeyer is a Los Angeles based entertainment reporter who has extensively investigated Hollywood's biggest celebrities. Read about her adventures in tabloid journalism in Hollywood Witches.

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